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girls aloud number one

so i posted a review of the new girls aloud album last week before i was in calgary and i’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop since then. i just have to re-iterate something.


i’m currently obsessed with the whole album in general but specifically ‘rolling back the river in time’ which is mind-blowing. it has a classic belted out nadine intro and this fantastic balearic/ringtone/video game bit that follows through the whole song. also it’s just the right side of complete cheese. i love it. apparently it might be the next single! if only they could throw more than twenty pounds at the video…

it’s also quite exciting that the aloud seem to be finally getting their due in the british press. i mean their albums have always been well-reviewed but they’re all over the press right now and ‘out of control’ just went in a number one. very exciting stuff indeed.

oh, and i should mention that in my previous post when i decried the crapness of the album cover but championed one that was quite similar i was apparently not clear enough in my description. the real album cover’s crapness lies not in the picture of the girls (which is quite fantastic) but in the layout and typography choices by the designer. it’s the cheap white bars at the top and bottom and the tacky stretched font that ruin the cover, made all the more annoying by the fact that the fan-made cover achieved a far better effect with very little effort. it would literally have taken fascination records all of half an hour to make a cover that doesn’t look complete shit and therein lies the biggest annoyance.