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so i’m currently enrolled in what is easily the most boring semester of my academic career.  first of all i’m taking finance, accounting, and statistics which is like a trifecta of misery.  on top of that i’m taking business law which is really quite boring and then i’m only taking one marketing class which just happens to be product management and pricing, aka the most technical and numbers-based marketing course available.  my semester is so dry that i often have drink massive amounts of water just to palate the day. that and skipping a lot.

so skipping is fine when your instructors don’t know who you are but all too often, even when i’m rarely present in a class, teachers quickly recognize me and give me the ‘judgy eyes’ when i’m next present.  they probably recognize me for my unique sense of style and air of superiority, or more likely for my bright orange hair and large frame.  either way, being recognized is like the kiss of death for skipping.  i start to feel guilty and obligated to attend class even when i don’t think it is always worthwhile.

in actual fact, this has all been a rather verbose build-up to discussing the professor for my afforementioned marketing class.  i quite like this professor. his name is Webb Dussome, which i don’t actually know how to pronounce having missed the first week of school.  anyway, i’ve noticed that he clearly makes an effort to know the name of every student in class which i think is pretty impressive.  he knew my name immediately the first time he saw it and he uses it every time we speak in class. also every time someone speaks during class, he actually uses that persons name to acknowledge them.  first of all, as someone who is shit at remembering names (an unfortunate trait i picked up from my father), i find his memory awe-inspiring as we are clearly not his only class.  by my thought process, he must have around 4-5 classes and at 40-50 people/class that means he potentially remembers the names of 160-250 students per semester; quite a feat.

more to the point, despite his solid lecturing style, impressive memory, and engaging personality no one answers questions in class.  similar to other classes it’s like pulling teeth getting people engaged.  i’m literally there maybe once a week on average and i almost always end up answering a question because i can’t stand the awkward silence. so now i’m thinking everyone else in the class thinks i’m a bit of a douche because i show up once a week and still have the gall to answer his questions.  i’m not unnecessarily verbose, nor do i randomly provide ‘insight’ from my personal experience (i HATE those people) but i still feel like my activity to attendance ratio is rather high and that might foster annoyance from my fellow students? i suppose i don’t really care all that much, it was just on my mind today.