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ingrate girls aloud member cheryl cole

so i think everyone knows that in general i love girls aloud, and cheryl cole had been my favourite girl. until today. cheryl has done something so unforgivable and disappointing that i’m left bewildered and hurt at how she could be so callous. cheryl cole has insulted the spice girls!

in a recent interview with attitude magazine (the best magazine in the history of time, by the way) cheryl uttered the following: “It annoys me when people say we want to be the new Spice Girls. Hello, we’re Girls Aloud. We’ve lasted longer…” wait! who the do you think you are!? because i’ll tell you who you’re not: THE FUCKING SPICE GIRLS!

cheryl goes on to point out that she ‘recognizes’ what the spice girls did and that “Yes, they had worldwide domination, but they fell out, bitched about each other and went their separate ways.” this girl needs a quick dose of reality. as much as i love the aloud, they’ve sold 5 million albums in 6 years and are only big in the UK. the spice girls sold 55 million albums worldwide and their return last year was a media sensation. someone needs to learn a little respect for the bitches that humped the girl band across the globe and made it possible for acts like girls aloud to even exist. honestly.

respect your elders cheryl cole. also, how dumb was this statement? everyone knows that girls aloud are largely supported by the gays. and the gays love the spice girls. LOVE. the spice girls are like your first love that will never die and while girls aloud may bang out some lovely pop tunes, they will never match the spice. NEVER. bitching about the spice girls not only makes cheryl an ingrate, it also makes her an idiot.