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sarah nicola girls aloud

so after the disastrous turn of events for cheryl cole i’ve had to reassess my love for girls aloud, specifically my favourites members in the band. now, nadine and kimberly can belt out a good high note, but my heart now lies with sarah and nicola. in the above picture i’m imagining the two of them hearing cheryl cole talking about the spice girls and breaking into fits of hysterics at the audacity of it before walking away in search of drinks as sarah sticks out her tongue at a now crying cheryl.

sarah is the resident party girl and sexpot. she always has a fierce, often experimental, haircut, and is often seen falling out the hottest night clubs. also she sings the ‘here i am, walking primrose’ line in the new girls aloud number ‘the promise’ which is obviously the best bit. nicola is the one who doesn’t smile all the time and shuns the fake tan that seems epidemic in pop music today. her combination of crazy pale skin and oft-times surly appearance definitely add to her aura. she also gets to sing some of the girls best lines.

sarah and nicola are now officially my favourite girls, aloud. i have attached another picture below of them at what appears to be a music festival. nicola is double fisting the drinks and wearing rubber boots (a girl after my own heart) and i’m getting a very jo-ann vibe from sarah (just look at that pose).

sarah and nicola girls aloud