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so i just watched the US presidential debate and unsurprisingly it was crazy annoying. McCain kept trying to paint Obama as a man who doesn’t have the experience to run the country which was infuriating. infuriating because i understand the argument but McCain has made a plethora of shit decisions as a senator so his record is, on balance, much worse. maybe Obama just hasn’t had the chance to fuck up yet, but McCain has had his chance and should shut the fuck up.

another annoying thing was that Joe Biden was interviewed after the debate but Sarah Palin was ‘unavailable’ so Rudy Guiliani was interviewed for the Rebublicans. Biden was quite respectful but Guiliani just kept saying that McCain ‘schooled’ Obama on foreign policy. BITCH, PLEASE! the Republicans drive me crazy because they are so forceful with they’re language as to say that they’re innately right but the Democrats, and more left-leaning people in general, are always respectful of other ideas and therefore look weak which doesn’t help from a media perspective.

basically i think McCain is a douche and it drives me crazy that anyone would vote for him or his cheerleader bimbo Sarah Palin.