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christian bale

so it seems as though everyone and there dog had already been to see the dark knight by the time jackie and i went on wednesday but we wanted to go when it was a little less busy. that being said, considering that it was wednesday at 1.30pm, it was still pretty damn busy at the theatre. with good reason. it was pretty fantastic.

hype is a funny thing and i was worried that it would ruin my dark knight experience. the hype surrounding it had me believing heath ledger as the joker was practically the second coming of christ, if you believe in those sorts of things, and while i did think his performance was good, i do think all this ‘oscar-talk’ is a little annoying and overblown. this is, after all, a superhero movie.

it is quite possibly the perfect superhero movie. gripping and moving with a good, but not overplayed love story and, at its core, completely and undauntedly hopeful about the good of humanity. also, christian bale is SEX ON LEGS. i can’t even count the times jackie and i shared a good ‘phwoar’ over him. another one for good measure. PHWOAR.

christian bale

except his batman voice. that’s a little off. but i still would. anyway, back to the movie. it has the perfect mix of action and story. like better than any movie i can recall off-hand. its brilliant the way two are brought together. fantastic. and yes, heath ledger is very good. whenever he’s on-screen your heart races a little because you really can’t tell what he’s going to do next. the problem that i have with all this posthumous praise is that he has been a great actor for a long time – his performance in brokeback mountain was at least on par with this – and now that he’s dead there’s all these facebook groups and annoying tributes. honestly, for fuck’s sake, the man’s dead. these kind of people annoy the hell out of me. but i’m digressing again.

i did feel like the two-face storyline was a little rushed along towards the end of the film, but i suppose that was necessary as it was all starting to wind down and any longer than 2.5 hours probably would have taken away from its genius. i also continue to find the differences between this new version of the batman franchise and the old one very interesting. i mean obviously the last two before the reboot were complete shit but the first two, and especially the first one, were pretty amazing for their time. the first batman completely embraced post-modernism in its representation of the comic book hero in a very interesting and often confusing way that pushed the boundaries of popular cinema. the new batman is very classical in its story-telling and breaking the fourth-wall would be a complete disaster for nolan’s film. i actually think it was 9/11 that brought us back from the brink of post-modernism, but as ryan and i were wondering at work the other day: where are we now? we have re-embraced classic good vs. evil storylines, even while somehow incorporating a little of the grey-area of post-modernism. it’s like we’ve looked out of the rabbit hole and don’t like what we saw and are trying our hardest to go back the way things were. this might actually be the seed of an entirely different post so perhaps i’ll leave it there.

a final note about katie holmes. girl is obviously fucked in the head to have turned down such a choice role. don’t tell me it was scheduling conflicts or the child. we all know it was someone much more sinister as no one in there right mind would turn down this film. that being said i love maggie gyllenhaal and she was so much better than mrs. cruise could ever have been. i have loved maggie since the brilliant stranger than fiction and i have attached a picture highlighting one of the many reasons for giving her praise. here she is looking fierce at the london premiere of the dark knight. adore her. and her brother, obviously.

maggie gyllenhaal