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drinks ahoy!

so i had my birthday party last night and it was fantastic! the nautical theme went down well and most everyone dressed up in a fabulous yacht-inspired outfit. i enjoyed that we all looked part of the same event when we were at the bar. drinks AHOY! was a unmitigated success and my birthday this year has been completely fabulous on multiple occasions. i also received fabulous gifts from jo and nelle including the new futurama movie (more on that in a later post) and, amazingly, three 45’s from theaudience, the band that sophie ellis-bextor fronted before going solo. they are each a different colour plastic and two came with posters. i adore them. a perfect gift, it must be said. i also got my new bike from jim yesterday which was very exciting and i rode it to the store today to pick up hangover food including hawkins cheezies, iced tea, fudge, and milk in a glass bottle. (impulse hangover purchase)

on a sidenote, the hot grocery clerk was working again at wild earth. he is sex on legs. he made good eye contact and smiled quite a lot, i think recognizing my hangover from the items in my basket. am quite liking wild earth these days, especially now that sex on legs seems to be working a lot. might have to switch from shopping at save-on. hmmm…