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so i went for dinner last night with laura to the coup. the coup is a fantastic little vegetarian restaurant on 17th ave and after a half hour wait laura and i got a great seat on the small patio.

we ordered the goat cheese spread to start which was delicious served on toasted focaccia points. for drinks i had a gin with orange blossom and laura had a raspberry lemonade martini. we both agreed that my beverage was clearly of a higher quality and plan on trying to re-create for drinks ahoy! this weekend. we just have to figure out the orange blossom part. we might just try using wild sweet orange tea if we can’t figure out the orange blossom part.

for our main meals i ordered el taco and laura had another delicious wrap that i currently can’t remember the name of. both were packed with fresh veggies and lentils giving every bite a fresh and exciting flavour. i love the coup because i’ve taken a few meat-eaters there (laura and the clap) and both have enjoyed it. it is a fantastic restaurant in its own right, not just for veggies. the decor is enviro-chic, the water is served in old glass bottles, and there are tables, booths, and one high table.

all in all fabulous restaurant. i’m hoping to find something similar in edmonton.

as a sidenote my neice and nephew have been watching me type this post and are amazed at the speed with which i type. neither of their parents are particularly computer-savvy and are obviously not yet proficient in the art of typing. or maybe am just typing-savant.