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ten digit dialling is the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the world.

that is all.

actually no. that’s not all, every time i hear that voice on the line ‘reminding’ me that i have to dial the area code even for local calls now i want to throw the phone at something. why do we even need ten digit dialling? couldn’t we just have another area code for a specific area like we have currently with north and south? couldn’t 780 be edmonton, 403 be calgary and the new 587 code be for rural alberta? that would be fantastic. as long as i don’t have to waste an extra 3 keystrokes whenever i dial. it’s almost more frustrating as a seasoned mobile phone user as i have most of my contacts already plugged in using their area codes. the problem being that on the occasions that i do use a land line (at work for example) i have again completely forgotten about bastard ten digit dialling.

the end is nigh.

that is all.

really this time.