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the real world tunnel mountain banff national park

so i have been very quiet on the blog lately as i was in banff camping over the long weekend; from thursday to tuesday, actually. also, since i’ve been back it’s been so ridiculously hot that i’ve really not felt up to doing much other than sticking to my couch all day and catching up on big brother (amazing!).

the camping trip was pretty amazing. we arrived quite late on thursday and it was a little cold that first night but getting drunk helped quite a lot. also, my brother left me with a crap mattress that had actually moulded and was quite disgusting. trevor and jo-ann were pushing me to share their bed with them (quite forcefully now that i think back, hmmm…) but in the end a couple who were camping next to us in a huge fifth-wheel generously donated a couple of extra sleeping bags for me to sleep on which worked out pretty well.

the whole weekend is now a fantastic blur of alcohol, iker casillas (sex on legs), sunshine, domestic beer, etc. brilliant.

we also recorded little ‘confessions’ throughout the trip a la the real world which i’ll be editing together and posting eventually. i’ve reviewed them already and jo-ann and trevor both accused me of roofying them. lightweights. also nelle posted a few 2 second clips when she was clearly off her face and kalvin only managed 1 confession!

*i was not actually on fire.