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bex farted

so i was watching big brother again last night, day 18 to be exact. nothing too exciting happened but the funniest moment happened in the poor bedroom when sylvia and rachel were having a discussion about sylvia’s ongoing, and frankly completely annoying, obsession with new housemate stu. in the middle of the all of this bex is sitting on the bed with them and occasionally adding pearls of wisdom like ‘uh-huh’ etc. then bex comes out with ‘i’ve farted, sorry.’ and the conversation continues. HYSTERICAL! i laughed for quite a while before i regained composure. it was after 2 beers but still pretty funny.

i really hope sylvia goes this week as i think she’s quite manipulative and not only makes shit up but twists what people say. she’s the most annoying person in the house with mario a close second and lisa rounding out the top three by basically being mario’s doormat. mario is a complete douche and lisa is like his cheerleader. very annoying. i would be surprised if mohammed went this week instead of sylvia (the two of them are up for eviction) as i think he’s pretty banal compared to sylvia, but i was wrong about the first eviction so you never know. either way i’m completely addicted and will probably have withdrawal this weekend when i’m away ‘roughing it’ in banff. will have to have a marathon day of big brother upon my return. something to look forward to, i suppose.