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big brother karaoke

so big brother uk has been going now for just over two weeks and as per usual it is fucking amazing. the most recent food challenge saw the house ‘turn japanese’ for 48 hours and instead of the usual morning alarm the housemates were woken with the song ‘turning japanese.’ the house had been redecorated with japanese mats, futons, lanterns, a karate mat, etc and the housemates then had to separate into groups and do different challenges.

by far the best challenge was the ‘endurance karaoke’ undertaken by alex, bex, dennis, rex and sylvia. for 24 hours the five of them had to sing ‘total eclipse of the heart.’ big brother played a small section of the song into the house and the group had 2 minutes to switch positions in the karaoke room which they couldn’t leave until the next person was called. needless to say it was fantastic. the girls was pretty good, but got quite bored. rex, the straight guy, became irritated with bonnie tyler after only one go at the song, and obivously dennis, the gay, was still belting it out and dancing around two hours into his shift. fantastic.

in other big brother news, alex was removed from the house for bullying the other housemates! it was quite an interesting change but i think they removed her to save her from leaving the house through the front door where she would have been greeted by thousands of angry BB fans. as it was she was removed and davina pre-recorded an interview with her without a studio audience. apparently she has been the most detested person ever to appear on big brother with channel 4 receiving many complaints from the public about her. she also received 87% of the public vote to be evicted (against the insufferable mario, no less) before the vote was shut down. i’m glad she is now gone but i would have loved to see her go up against the live audience jeering her on her way down the stairs.

big brother is fantastic. also, can’t stop singing ‘total eclipse of the heart.’ had a full on chorus going at work the other day! turn around bright eyes, etc.