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so fallon and i went over to bobby and ryan on friday night, ostensibly for a movie night, but we never got around to watching anything. instead, we finished off the gala keg, ate fajitas, and danced to kylie. fantastic, obviously. later we headed out to Buddy’s, where i’d never been before, and it was pretty fantastic. especially because they played dragonette, shiny toy guns, kylie’s speakerphone, and estelle’s american boy. also roz was there. and alec was working. they also have a photo booth in the bar which i always love. fantastic.

oh, and i forgot, as a pre-cursor to the evening we hit up superstore for supplies, which included food and $5 bottles of wine (we really are the classiest wine drinkers). when we got back into ryan’s car to head to whyte and pick up bobby, the electrical systems started to go all screwy: the dashboard lights faded and the speedometer (and all the gauges for that matter) stopped working. so we’re going along hoping all will be fine until we get to bobby when the car stalls right in front of hudson’s patio on gateway and whyte ave. obviously, we get out and prepare to push the car across the road in front of many on-lookers and just as the lights are getting themselves ready to change, a fire truck comes out of nowhere and pulls up next to the strat in our lane, forcing us, when the light finally changes, to push the car across the intersection and the wait behind the fire truck while they run the defibrulator into whoever has OD’d in the strat. as we’re all waiting, a public spectacle, leonardo from work stumbles upon us and helps us finish the journey after the fire truck finally leaves. all in all it was quite an eventful afternoon and one that can be appreciated much more humourously now that i know ryan’s car is fixed.