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so i went to see sex and the city again tonight by myself. and sober. it was quite a different experience. the crowd was much less thick and noticeably less over-excited tha friday’s viewing.


so i kind of loved it this time. despite its faults and failures it was a huge success in just not being aweful. and more than that it was almost everything i wanted it to be. i laughed and cried and cringed and enjoyed the whole thing.

that being said, i think it was still a television show stretched onto the over-large canvas of a big screen. stylistically it could have been much better. i think it was a mistake to have michael patrick king direct it. many of the episodes were stylistically far superior, especially in terms of editing between scenes. the show had the advantage of being able to cut quickly between scenes with different characters and did so quite deftly but the combination of the big screen and the lack of voiceover by carrie made the transitions often seem a little too quick.

charlotte’s role was quite good, a little bit reduced, as the go-to humour element in the film. i thought she was a bit overacted at times but i still enjoyed her. i loved the samantha storyline and that she ended up alone. she loves her more. i love her more too. fantastic. i loved that the central storyline of carrie’s wedding was so depressing which was quite refreshing, but the ending was a little bit ‘grease’ for me. by that i mean that she basically seemed to change herself to win her man. danny wanted a slutty sandy, and big wanted a small wedding with no guests. they both got what they wanted, and if the filmmakers wanted to imply that carrie never really wanted the wedding they didn’t do a very good job of expositing that.

as usual, i loved miranda. her storyline was perfect. i loved that her perfect man cheated on her. it may not have been a popular choice but i think it was amazing to have the perfect man slip up. the brooklyn bridge scene was classic and even though you knew he’d be there it was still one of the best scenes in the film.

so yes, i loved it.