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so i’m not quite ready to decide how i feel about the sex and the city movie as i was quite drunk on friday night. i’m going to watch it again (hopefully tomorrow) and then i’ll post a full review of the film itself.

that being said the evening was pretty fantastic.  it was fun to be in a theatre with people who already loved the characters before the movie begins. there is also something really satisfying about having an event movie for women and gays. it is something usually relegated to teenage boys and straight men. even if the bitches occasionally got annoying i still enjoyed every moment of a theatre packed with women and gays.

furthermore, the fact that sex and the city managed to knock indiana jones off the top spot and take in 55 million dollars showed that when it comes to the ladies and gays, we can open a big film on our own. while that is somehow exciting, i’m sure that just like brokeback mountain seemed to break down barriers and ready america for big gay movies, this will prove nothing and we’ll continue to get mostly shite films marketed at us. also, it looks like sex and the city is the biggest opening ever for an R-rated comedy, or a film with a female lead!