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so it’s been a bit of a busy week between school and work.  i had a ridiculous ms access project due on wednesday and spent much of the day in a basement computer lab furiously trying to imagine that ms access wasn’t the lamest possible way to be spending a summer afternoon.

but all is well!  sex and the city is tomorrow!  am so excited.  i was contacted by a woman at 24hr looking for an interview with a ‘big fan’ about the movie. she also wanted to take my picture in front of the poster.  i obviously said no, for a few reasons. the obvious one being that i don’t want to be ‘crazy gay fan’ in the newspaper. i mean i sort of am a crazy gay fan of sex and the city but maybe i’m a little closeted about it – i also didn’t want to be ‘token fag.’ furthermore, when zoie was profiled in 24hr they made her out to be a crazy barren spinster! she is still talking about litigation if it has lasting effects on her love-life. and finally i had yet to get my haircut and therefore was completely undisposed for any photo opportunities!

in other news, popjustice has been on fire this week. seriously, if you don’t read them yet, you really should. my favourite posts were the alphabeat quiz, radiohead: greatest hits, the ideal gavin rossdale album tracklist and gavin rossdale? radiohead?? what’s going on?! seriously, popjustice is sheer genius!