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so it’s still raining today and i’m still loving it.  i was walking under my umbrella today and i suddenly remembered something that i’d kind of forgotten from my childhood.  when i was little and it rained (and was warm, obviously) i used to like to set up a deck chair in the back yard and read with an umbrella over myself.  my parents must have thought i was so weird but i loved it.  weird the things you remember.

fallon was kind enought to take the latter half of my shift thisafternoon so spent the rest of the day studying and now i’m feeling pretty good about the mid-term i’m about to take.  it’s still the most boring class in existence though.

back to the rain, i’m very much enjoying the rainy day playlist that i had previously mentioned in another post.  it is as follows:

so you say – siobhan donaghy
be mine – robyn
early winter – gwen stefani
back to black – amy winehouse
hoppipolla – sigur ros
life on mars – david bowie
just like a pill – pink
one touch – doe deere
the heart of the matter – india arie
true believer – dragonette
i want love – elton john
i’m scared – duffy
nothing but my baby – alphabeat
in the end – justin bond and the hungry march band
no one – alicia keys
bridge over troubled water – annie lennox
funnyman – kt tunstall
foundations – kate nash

looking over it, it’s powergay, and i love it. a perfect mix of sadness and optimism befitting the mood of rain.