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so it’s raining today and i kind of love it.  i love walking along neath my umbrella feeling the cool breeze and the light spray of the falling water.  it’s fantastic and one of the reason’s i’m quite excited to move to vancouver as i don’t think it rains enough in alberta.  the only problem is coming inside and feeling all sticky with wettish clothes and having to lug around a now quite soaked umbrella… but suppose everything in life is a trade-off in some respect.

i made a rain playlist thismorning on my ipod to enjoy while walking with my umbrella but i’ve been listening to ‘so you say’ by siobhan donaghy pretty much on repeat since i left the house.  not only is it a perfect song in it’s own right, it’s also the perfect rainy day song.  fantastic.

ugh, i’m all sweaty at the moment as my body adjusts to it being quite warm in the business buidling.  kind of gross. i hope i don’t smell.  i have a 2 hour computer lab downstairs and i fear it is only going to get hotter and sweatier.  also i was planning on going directly to work and changing there but if i get any grosser it’s not going to be a fun evening.  maybe i should run home and shower?  but surely running will only make me feel grosser and if i have to run back to work due to shower tardiness then it will sort of counteract the shower.  decisions decisions.