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so desperate housewives was on tonight and it was pretty great. except the very end which i’m still not sure about. are they going to continue next season where they left off??? i’m a little confused either way as if they do begin five years later that is surely a bit weird. that being said, if they don’t we already know quite a lot about where the storylines are heading (poor lynette). weird idea. like series finale kind of idea. like when six feet under did it it was amazing idea. i’m still not sure. but everything up to that point was fantastic.

but seriously, what’s up with gay weddings. last week on brothers and sisters and this week on desperate housewives: all of a sudden abc’s gone gay! between those two, ugly betty, cashmere mafia, dancing with the stars, and grey’s anatomy recently its like the gays are on every corner. [a quick note, i don’t really like ugly betty or dancing with the stars but the gay factor of both shows can’t be ignored]

back to desperate housewives, it’s long been a show for the gays. since the beginning we had the delightful andrew van de kamp who has unfortunately been demoted to bit part recently despite one of the gayest names on television.

i for one miss the days of andrew making out in the pool and having men sleep over just to annoy his mother. halcyon days, indeed. as an aside, the brief appearance of gale harold in tonights episode just gayed the whole thing up even more.

brothers and sisters has also had great gay storylines from the beginning with kevin as one of the more enjoyable walkers (especially in comparison to the insufferable tommy). the only complaint i have about his wedding to scotty was the briskness with which the storyline moved: engaged one week and married the next. perhaps it was the writers strike, or just a good event for the season finale but they could have made the engagement a little longer.

aside from kevin and scotty brothers and sisters is also blessed with justin who is the hottest walker. between kevin, justin, rachel griffiths and sally field it is one of the gayest shows on tv.

just as a final aside, and for the leslies (holla salloum!), i am attatching a picture of the fantastic kate walsh that i forgot to include in my post a few days ago about tv. kate walsh is a girl’s girl. the ‘mos and leslies can both enjoy her fantasticness for different reasons. i adore her. it’s a shame private practice is so shit. maybe it will finally be good this season. (a girl can dream, etc etc)

according to various published reports, desperate housewives will pick up next season five years in the future! this is either the most amazing thing that has ever happened to television or a complete disaster but i’m leaning towards the former right now. click here to read all about the change.