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so we went for a picnic yesterday at the ledge which was fantastic. i brought a parasol. for the uninitiated a parasol is an umbrella for use in the sun. aka a beach umbrella. it is from the french who use ‘parapluit’ for a rain umbrella and ‘parasol’ for a sun umbrella: originally from latin meaning ‘shield from rain’ and ‘shield from the sun,’ respectively. i love my parasol.

anyway, the picnic was fantastic! fallon, dru, nelle and i had a fabulous lunch that included cheese, mundare sausage, olives and local tomatoes, small cucumbers, spinach dip, and pita form the farmers market. then we lazed in the sun and paddled in the pools for 4 hours. lovely. we also enjoyed ice cream. although mine looked a bit too much like a chocolate-banana penis.

the big fountain closest to the legislature building was not operational yet which was a shame, especially because we were kicked off the big fountain behind it by a very polite security man. it was annoying only because he told us we couldn’t be in it as the water pressure is too much for small children. besides the obvious problem – children ruining everything – it was a little annoying that we were moved from a fountain but a group of girls behind us were not discouraged from smoking pot. also there were kids in that fountain later and the security guard was nowhere to be found. hmmm.

people watching was fantastic all day though. there was a very PDA-oriented couple that looked like something out of a porn film who insisted on smoking and making out (in equal excessive amounts) right in the paddling pools where small children were whizzing by them. then there was the girl in a bright silver bikini-top and booty shorts who insisted on rocking her body out silently to her ipod while her younger brother (or son, who knows these days?) played catch with an older man on the cement next to her private rave. to make the picture even more wholesome they were playing catch with a discarded pop bottle. it was all class. (other people have arts and crafts: we judge, etc etc)

ryan and bobby came by after a while and (thankfully) brought us some bottled water as we had failed to properly calculate the level of dehydration a few hours in the sun would cause. all in all it was the perfect afternoon.