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so the melanie c concert was last night and it was amazing! i should start off by pointing out that melanie c is on my list. you know, the imaginary list of artists you love that you would give your left arm to see live. melanie c is on there. the spice girls, annie lennox, etc etc. actually, the only 2 currently left of my list are sophie ellis-bextor and robyn, but i digress.

the starlite room was busy but not full, and it was extremely hot and sweaty. the opening act spirits were very good and started the night of well. they are currently unsigned, as we were told by the lead singer as he sold t-shirts and the bands booth after the show. we all wanted to tell him to just sell out and get some cash because he mentioned multiple times that the band are going broke on this tour, but he was very nice, and the music was quite enjoyable.

mel came on quite early at 9:30am and the crowd was ecstatic. it was a gaggle of gays and the the ‘mos are quite loyal to the sporty one. first of all, she looked amazing! as bobby mentioned on his blog earlier mel is RIPPED! gone are the days of a skinny girl in a liverpool jersey and trackie bottoms worrying how she looks next to posh spice and the ginger one. i also loved that she wore skinny jeans over her ripped but not so skinny legs. she has a lovely healthy body and she wore some KILLER BOOTS! like freaking AMAZING boots. like jo, nelle and i all wanted a pair boots. the shirt was pretty great too, white with gold wings on the back (see below).

so the music. it was fantastic. it was heavy on the most recent album, ‘this time,’ but it made me appreciate the album more – especially ‘don’t let me go’ and ‘what if i stay’ which were amazing. my favourites from the night were ‘yeh yeh yeh’ and ‘go!’ but i also really enjoyed ‘when you’re gone’ which was pretty great. overall the vocals were even better than the recorded versions and it was just amazing to see her at such a small venue.

i felt bad that bobby and ryan were a bit late as mel went on quite early but we went for some drinks at new city which was quite good except that nelle had to go home and the bathroom was disgusting. also jo got and i got a bit drunk on jager shots. overall a fantastic night!