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so i’ve been harping on about alphabeat for ages now but i’m still hopelessly in love with them, and even though i’ve downloaded the danish version of their first album i’m very much anticipating its release in england as apparently they’ve re-worked some tracks and added new ones. the single ‘10,000 nights’j is released at the end of may so they have a fantastic video that is reminiscent of the ‘fascination’ video. i really do hope that alphabeat get pushed this side of the atlantic as i love them and their ridiculously over-the-top pop songs. my current favourite is, in fact, ‘10,000 nights,’ the video for which is below.

ps – there are three guys named anders in alphabeat! also, regular anders and especially troels are the hottest and stine has the coolest name, plus she’s adorable.

it’s literally fantastic.

while i’m at it here’s the video for the amazing ‘fascination’

and ‘boyfriend’ why not. this one is quite cool and arty.

this one’s quite hippy / we’re all off on a summer holiday.

introducing alphabeat, they’re so much fun!

shut up they live together!

i’m full on obsessed.