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so i went to costco again today and saw the roomba again. since me and noel went there last week i’ve been thinking about getting one. they seem so cool. you just set it to come on while you’re not there and you get home to a lovely clean house. i was thinking about getting a turtle but now i think i want a roomba instead. it’s almost like a pet only it feeds on the crap in your carpet. I HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE AND IT IS THIS VACUUM. how cool is that you ‘set it and forget it.’ it seems like the perfect appliance. they’re so small though i worry that it wouldn’t actually work very well. i must ask jo and trevor how often they are returned. i don’t think i know anyone who has one but if anyone does i would appreciate some feedback.

ps – i’m not going to lie, roomba’s appearance on arrested development played a big part in my desire for one.