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so i’ve been silent for too long about my dislike for miley cyrus, or rather, the machinery that creates her.

first of all some background. her real name is destiny hope, which at first seems more annoying than her stage name until i found out that miley is short for ‘smiley.’ now that’s pretty much enough to have me reaching for a barf bag and scraping pentacles into every picture but there’s so much more. if you’ve ever seen a picture of her or seen her in an interview you already know that she’s the devil incarnate. her ‘peace sign’ poses and awkward mouth and always-happy voice.

her mother, leticia cyrus has dina lohan written all over her face – the fake tan and wanton desire in her eyes, pimping out their daughers to achieve the fame they never achieved themselves. the children always end up fucked up because they are essentially the parents’ meal ticket and thus they do not parent the children so much as foster their fame through any means necessary.

so this all brings us to the current ‘scandal’ in which miley finds herself embroiled. vanity fair has a printed picture of her (above) looking way too slutty for a 15 year old. fair enough up to that point, it’s not cool to print slutty jail-bait pictures. the problem lies in the response from miley and disney, blaming the whole thing on vanity fair and conde nast.

these are not pictures of a girl reticent to get naked for the camera. these are also not pictures of a girl who has not already been pimped out by her parents and disney. cyrus and disney claim that they were manipulated by vanity fair into taking these pictures despite the fact that her dad was on set as well as suits from disney who were privy to the pictures on set as they were taken with a digital camera. i especially love this line from Disney: “Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines.” Like Disney hasn’t deliberately manipulated Cyrus in order sell bucketloads of crap to underage girl. STEP OFF disney!

i love, though, that conde nast is fighting back, quickly pointing out that miley was happy with the pictures and that they were approving by her handlers on-set. they even posted a video on youtube showing how much miley and billy ray were enoying the shoot.

so to conclude, pimping out a 15-year old girl: bad. disney accusing vanity fair of doing the same: hypocritical. leticia cyrus: enjoying her meal ticket.