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so i didn’t leave the apartment today.

i didn’t even venture downstairs to pick up the mail. i’ve ostensibly been studying all day but i’m studying business economics which so skull-punchingly boring that i keep having to take breaks to maintain proper levels sanity. i’ve been on wikipedia too many times today and among other things have learned that restaurant makeover does not have as great a success rate as they seem to claim and that grace jones may be coming out with a new album this year. the former was not that shocking but a little disheartening because i really do enjoy restaurant makeover. especially robin de groot. nelle and i can’t get enough of his ridiculous laugh. the latter news is quite exciting as i’ve just recently (as in since saturday) been listening to some grace jones again. hopeully the album actually makes it out as according to wikipedia grace recorded 2 albums in the 90s that never made it record stores.

i’m also excited today because hillary clinton has won the state of pennsylvania in the democratic primaries. anybody who knows me knows that i am a big fan of hill and would be quite excited if she managed to get the nomination. i think her new strategy of highlighting her wins in big ‘must-win’ states for the democrats is going quite swimmingly and her representative did a good job of pretty much saying just that for 10 minutes on cnn today while wolf bllitzer asked him a series of questions about the campaign. it amazes me how people in politics can take any question and pretty much give their main message as an answer. really good speakers can pull it off while seemingly answering the question at hand. i suppose it also doesn’t hurt that wolf blitzer asks pretty benign questions about the future of the campaign.

that was pretty much my day. i think i’m going to have a lovely bath when i’m ‘done’ studying, accompanied by a lovely gin. i put ‘done’ in quotation marks because business economics is a subject that i could study for eternity and still not ace so i’m just judging a cut-off point that will get me a decent grade. i also have a bit of a compounded studying problem for buec in that it is my last exam and, as previously mentioned, i am never going to do that well at it. it’s a bit of a ‘why bother’ dilemma as it’s my last exam so i strangely care less about it because at least after it i’ll be done. it’s probably a sign of some deep-rooted psychological issue but who cares, school out is tomorrow! WOOT!