sh*t m*ther f*cker f*ck sh*t.

it’s cold outside. and there’s snow everywhere. blowing and swirling and making me feel like i’ve been sent back in time to winter when i thought it was spring. there is literally nothing good about this.*

i do this every year. i think ‘yay, it’s spring’ and then that bitch mother nature slaps me accross the face with another round of winter. i hate the stop-start fashion by which winter turns to spring. why can’t it just be warm? sitting outside on the balcony warm. beer on a patio warm. riding a bike warm. instead i look outside and there’s a good 6 inches of snow pilled on top of the bird feeder. poor little birds. they’re freezing their tits off! and so will i be when i have to walk to work later.

stupid weather.

*ok, so it was really slow at work yesterday which was the only good thing about this.