so i was scouting about online today and i found out that rather than pushing out a greatest hits album, which often signifies the end of a popstars career in england, sophie ellis-bextor will instead be pushing ahead with a fourth album in the fall. the other good news is that the two current front-runners for first single are ‘off and on’ and ‘heartbreak makes me a dancer.’ the former is a cast off from roisin murphy’s ‘overpowered’ recording sessions with calvin ‘acceptable in the 80s’ harris and cathy ‘can’t get toxic outta my head’ dennis. it is perhaps the best unreleased pop single since girls aloud’s ‘graffiti my soul.’ the second track is a new one produced by the freemasons who seem to have a bit of a midas touch at the minute and with a name like ‘heartbreak makes me a dancer’ it seems as though its destined to be fantastic.

all in all, quite exciting news for a rabid sophie fan like myself. hopefully the new album will get her back on chart-topping form.

in other news, i should be studying.