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exciting news! we got melanie c tickets! i’m not sure if they’ll be sold out but i’m still very excited to be going to see sporty spice in just over a month!

went out to suite last night and it was fabulous as per usual. the dj was absolutely wasted though. he kept trying to say things into the mic that just came out as muffled blah’s. also he was making out pretty hardcore with a girl in the dj booth. there were a couple of creepers at suite last night which seems to be becoming an a bit of a problem there. that’s sad. we were thinking of branching out and going somewhere else but we couldn’t think of anywhere else and then it was fabulous. it was surprisingly empty when we got there considering that it was the last day of classes yesterday.

candace is here this weekend so i think we’re going to hit west ed today and i want to go the sally ann furniture store and maybe look for a bike. we also want to hit up ratt with jo and trevor as they’re at quincy’s dancing all day. it’s going to be 17 degrees today so i’m thinking about wearing my fantastic new completely over-the-top shorts. this post if getting a bit mundane so i think i’ll leave it there and come back when i think i can be more interesting…