so a former friend of mine from calgary has apparently blocked me on facebook. this seems really odd to me. why not simply delete me from your friend list? why all the trouble to physically block me from your profile? i’m not sure if he’s blocked nelle too or not? i’ll have to find out when she gets home.

this whole blocking concept seems really strange to me. if he has blocked me does that mean he can still access and see my profile on facebook even though i can’t see his? that seems somewhat unfair.

this is really the problem with facebook. the whole idea of connecting people and friends is really just an ideal and the real use of facebook is for lurking and an easy way to be bitchy to someone without doing it to their face.

to conclude, i’m a very straighfoward person. if someone has a problem with me, i kind of appreciate just being told. i hate the whole idea that someone is pissed of at me, or worse, and probably more accurate, bitching about me behind my back. i feel like i’m in high school hell. it’s annoying me that this even annoys me.