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ok, so i’m back from the staff meeting which was, afterall, not bad. am just about to get back to studying but i had to post a follow-up about the madonna video which left me a bit perplexed for a couple of reasons:

1. what is up with madonna’s face? seriously. she’s had some nice work done over the years but this video tries to make her look about 12. it’s shocking! her face starts to blend into the backgroud at a few points with all the airbrushing.

2. what’s the deal? what’s that weird encroaching blackness? is that what they’re saving the world from? i can only posit that the blackness is age trying to catch up with madonna.

3. on the subject of the strange blackness, the parts where it attacks people like flesh-eating bacteria are weird. and not good weird. that being said the blackness is kinda cool and one of the best parts about the video.

4. the dancing on cars is kinda cool but could have been better.

5. the clock is quite nifty and should have been featured more but i suspect was a bit of an editor’s nigthmare if they were really trying to keep in sync (get it?) with it.

6. further to the last point there are a lot of close-ups in front of the clock leading me to believe that they do not, in fact, stay true to the chronology.

7. wasn’t there a clock in timba’s last video with onerebuplic for apologize? is this a new trend i should be following? perhaps i should bring a projection clock to the bar and dance in front of it?

8. justin timberlake is kind of annoying, but slightly less annoying when stood next to madonna than by himself. the madonna effect, if you will.

9. why do we have only 4 minutes to save the world? this is kind of reminiscent of madonna’s annoying yelling at live earth when she kept shouting: “jump up and down if you wanna change the world bitches!” will jumping up and down really change the world? no.

so then, overall not a bad video. clock: cool. black stuff: cool. madonna’s face: not cool. justin timberlake: not cool.

the video did keep my attention and it’s intriguing enough that i’m still thinking about it so i’m going to give it a B+: very good but not great.