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last night was katie’s birthday which was very fun. katie imbibed quite a lot of alcohol but seemed to be having a good time. after suite 69 a few of us hit rosie’s for karaoke where i slaughtered ‘total eclipse of the heart,’ but i suppose that’s half the point of karaoke.

then i got home and bumper stickered someone. i texted to let them know i was kind of annoyed with them but then refused to pick up the phone to discusss it. i totally shared my opinion but did not want to hear theirs. very immature really but there you go. it made me feel kind of good to get it off my chest but even in the beer haze i could tell it probably wasn’t fair. bumper stickering is probably not the most effective way to share feelings.

on the bright side i’m actually up quite early thismorning so hopefully i’ll have a relatively productive day!